MAGNITUDE General Assembly and Advisory Board meetings – 4 and 5 November 2020

Posted by on Nov 18, 2020

The annual MAGNITUDE General Assembly and Advisory Board meetings were held virtually on Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th November respectively.

As in other years, the General Assembly was restricted to project partners and highlighted the past year’s project results as seen through the seven case studies and upcoming work for the last six months of the project.

The Advisory Board meeting was open to the Advisory Board members, external panellists, and colleagues from some of the partner institutions. Over 50 participants took part in the half-day event. The agenda consisted of a MAGNITUDE project presentation by Project Coordinator, Regine Belhomme (EDF), a 3 prong roundtable discussion and 3 MAGNITUDE demonstrations. The roundtable discussion was chaired by Alessandro Provaggi (EuroHeat & Power) and topics included:

  • Maximize Flexibility from Multi-Energy Systems to System Operators, moderated by MAGNITUDE partners Edoardo Corsetti (RSE) and Nicole Pini (Eifer)
    • Panellists: Luca Marchisio (TERNA), Stefano Rossi (ARERA), Elena Tomas-Aparicio (Mälarenergi), Gregor Taljan (Energie Netzte Steiermark)
  • Different levels of aggregation for facilitating the market access for multi-energy systems, moderated by MAGNITUDE partners Sergey Klyapovskiy (DTU) and Christoph Gutschi (Cyber-grid)
    • Panellists: Kristian Honoré (HOFOR), Markus Riegler (Austrian Power Grid), Anne-Véronique Fauré (Enedis), Elisabetta Bourla (A2A)
  • Market-based pathways towards successful energy system integration, moderated by MAGNITUDE partners Kris Kessels (VITO) and Ana Virag (VITO)
    • Panellists: Pierluigi Mancarella (U. of Melbourne), Anthony Papavasiliou (U. Catholique de Louvain), Tomislav Capuder (U. of Zagreb), Marcelo Saguan (EDF)
  • Demonstrations of MAGNITUDE solutions were given by Edoardo Corsetti (RSE), Mehdi Madani (N-Side) and Christoph Gutschi (Cyber-grid).

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